A process -

endless potential

One process – endless potential

In a patented process that is unique worldwide, support materialssuch as Styropor granules and/or open-celled spongestructures are coated with metal and ceramic powder. Thiscreates green bodies, which are subsequently heat-treatedin several stages.

The Result

Metallic and ceramic hollow and solid balls - and hollow spherical structures with very thin and uniform wall thickness. This process can be carried out with almost all powdered materials and is reproducible at any time - a reliable method with endless applications.

Due to the variable composition of the metal or ceramic powder-binder suspension, different material properties can be precisely tailored to the requirements of customers. There are new materials that are lightweight, strong, sound absorbing, heat resistant and catalytically - and absorb kinetic energy.

This leads to completely new solutions and applications. The produced metal or ceramic hollow spheres can be brought by sintering, bonding or soldering into any shape - also graded structures are possible. All hollomet ® workpieces can be cut, punched, drilled, soldered, welded and machined - so be processed like any other metal work pieces.



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