foamet® –

universal metal foam

foamet® - universal metal foam



is an innovative, foam-like material made of metal, whose cell breadth and porosity can be tailored precisely to the requirements of our customers. Areas of application include filters, catalyst carriers and heat exchangers. Furthermore the material is uniquely suitable for certain applicationsin the areas of architecture and design.


foamet® is characterized by a high level of permeability, alarge intrinsic surface area and low intrinsic density as well as good plasticity. With the right choice of material, highly corrosion and oxidation-resistant foam can be produced. foamet® can also be manufactured in the form of discs, cylinders and as net shape parts.


The manufacturing process involves a powder-metallurgicalcasting procedure which first coats an organic carrier with a metallic powder and binder suspension. The carrier structure and the organic binder are then removed in a heat treatment involving several stages, and then the metalpowder particles are sintered with one another to completethe structure.

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