globocer® –

innovative ceramic material

globocer® - innovative ceramic material



is an innovative, ceramics-based material that can be processed particularly well to produce catalytic and adsorbent components. globocer® comes in the form of hollow and solid spheres and can also be produced as so-called"pot cores". With globocer®, pricey raw materials are used sparingly, since the reactive substances can be used for the shell only.


globocer® impresses with its excellent thermal and mechanical properties and is extremely suitable for chemical and catalytic processes thanks to its maximum surface area and narrow deviation of sphere size.


Organic carrier materials, such as Styropor, are coated withceramic powder. globocer® hollow spheres are producedthrough debinding and subsequent sintering of the greencore. With the same technology, but other process steps are both solid beads and shell nuclei produced.

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