globomet® –

universal metallic material

globomet® – universal metallic material



is a universal basis material made of metal, and canbe shaped into virtually any form. globomet® can be producedso that it combines various characteristics that can be accuratelycustomized - the perfect solution for many applicationsin the automobile and mechanical engineering sectors as wellas for catalysis in the chemical industry.


Depending on the customer's requirements, globomet®can be lightweight, stable, sound-absorbing and porous. Allparameters can be customized precisely and reproduciblythrough the type of metallic powder used, the compositionof the metallic powder and binder suspension and the productionprocess.


Styropor granules or other organic spheres are coated witha suspension made from metallic powder and binding substances.These green bodies then undergo a debinding andsintering process. The result: metallic hollow spheres andhollow sphere structures with particularly thin and evenwall thickness.

Further processing

The metallic components from globomet® can be sawn, punched,drilled, brazed, welded and cut. Like other metallicmaterials, globomet® is easy to work and process.



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