globomet® –

universal metallic material

Application in the field of lightweight construction

The innovative structure of globomet® with its low mass yet high level of stabilitymeans it offers a huge varietyof applications. Energy-saving andspeedy processes are crucial factorsfor industry. As a composite material(a mixture of resin/hollow spheres), italso has a great deal of potential forthe areas of sport and the automobilesector aside from the more obviousindustrial applications. For the challengeof vibration-dampening, the useof filled, metallic hollow spheres issetting new standards.

Application in the field of acoustics

globomet® has proved to be excellent for sound-absorption. Unlike conventional materials such as mineral wool, globomet® offers many additional advantages, for example with regard to contamination and heat-resistance, sound-design and a considerable advantage when it comes to mounting thanks to its self-supporting structure.

Application as a crash absorber

Thanks to the particular molding characteristics of the hollow spheres, globomet® is extremely suited to absorbing maximum amounts of kinetic energy. As a result, crash absorbers can be manufactured from new, varying materials, offering wide-ranging possibilities for meeting increasing demands through appropriate combinations of material, sphere size, shell thickness and composite materials.


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