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The hollomet GmbH offers services and manufacturing capacities.
For our customers we develop e.g. compositions for new products and procedural advancements for existing products.
Besides our laboratories we also own production facilities that can be used to manufacture your products.
Our core competences are granulating, coating and sintering.
Our customers profit from our widespread transdisciplinary know-how.

Development and Production: Coating, Granulating, Heat Treatment

hollomet develops and produces their own products specifically to fit your requirements - we provide integrated solutions from a single source. Expertise in Synergy by using our widespread transdisciplinary know-how as well as the know-how from the Glatt Group.

Our motivated and experienced engineers develop your product, analyze its producability, characterize it and conduct economical surveys.

Through our expertise in the fields of granulation, coating and sintering, as well as our cooperation with a variety of industry partners, we are able to develop your products in a quick and determined manner.

Contract Manufacturing: Coating, Granulating

In our patented production facilities we are able to coat bulk materials of all kinds of shapes. On request we can also provide the raw materials.

Our machines for fluidized bed and wet granulation are able to produce your granulate at reasonable prices.

Contract Manufacture: Heat Treatment, Sintering, Brazing

Our know-how:

Debinding of green spheres with high binder content. Our machines are designed to quickly dispose great amounts of binder. Sintering and brazing in a continuous furnace with Endo-/Exogas and flameless entrance. Debindering, sintering and brazing with highly purified hydrogen. Sintering steel alloys with a high chemical affinity for oxygen, especially stainless steel, is always challenging. Our machines are able to sinter under a purified atmosphere - even if debinding was done in the same cycle of the treatment.

Our facilities:

Continuous furnace
Atmospheres: Endo- / Exogas
Max. temperature: 1120 °C
Furnace diameter: 120 x 120 mm

Atmospheres: highly purified hydrogen,
different atmospheres on request
Max. temperature: 1300 °C
Furnace volume: 500 L

Atmospheres: air
Max. temperature: 1400 °C
Furnace volume: 75 L


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